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Disney Is Expected To Increase Offer For Fox's Assets After Comcast's Bid - But The Clock Is Ticking
Following the recent news that Comcast had outbid Disney for the majority of 21st Century Fox's assets, we're hearing that The House of Mouse does intend to put forward a counter-offer. Check it out...

If Comcast Beats Disney To Buying Fox, What Comes Next For The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR?
There appears to be a very strong chance that Comcast will manage to steal Fox right from under Disney's nose but if that does happen, what does the future hold in store for the X-Men and Fantastic Four?

There's Still Hope For The X-MEN In The MCU: Disney And Comcast Could End Up Splitting Fox's Assets
Things aren't looking good for the Fantastic Four and X-Men arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but a new report points to it being possible for Disney to acquire Fox's movie and television assets.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Trailer Has Screened At CineEurope, And We Have A First Reaction
X-Men: Dark Phoenix hasn't really had much hype so far, but that may be about to change with the debut of the first trailer this evening at CineEurope. See the positive first reaction after the jump...

It Doesn't Sound Like 20th Century Fox Film CEO Is A Fan of Movies Featuring "Caped Crusaders"
If Disney doesn't get the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, we could end up seeing fewer superhero movies from the Comcast owned Fox because Stacey Snider doesn't want to rely on "caped crusaders."

Kevin Feige Is Waiting On The Phone Call That Will Let Him Bring The X-MEN Into The MCU
Despite some potential complications due to Comcast, Disney is set to earn the rights to Fox's Marvel properties, and Kevin Feige is eager to get his hands on their collection of beloved Marvel characters.

Will Avengers: Infinity War manage to hit that massive $2 billion milestone at the box office? Well, it is inching ever closer - but how much time does it have left? Get the latest updates after the jump.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX's Alexandra Shipp Shares A New Look At Storm As She Appears In [SPOILER]
Storm will officially return in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but actress Alexandra Shipp has now given us a glimpse of the character's brief cameo in [SPOILER]. Check out the pic after the jump...

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Star Evan Peters Says The Movie Will Be Much Darker Than X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
Quicksilver actor Evan Peters promises a much darker tone in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and has nothing but good things to say about what director Simon Kinberg brought to proceedings. Read on for details...

DARK PHOENIX Actor Evan Peters Reveals How Quicksilver Has Changed Since X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST
Evan Peters will return for the third time in the role of Quicksilver for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and has revealed just how the mutant has changed since Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. Check it out...

X-FORCE Director Drew Goddard Comments On THAT Scene From DEADPOOL 2 - Spoilers Follow
If you've seen Deadpool 2 you'll know that a certain scene could have major implications for Drew Goddard's X-Force movie, and in a new interview, the director shares his thoughts on what went down...

THE LAST STAND 2.0? Everything You Need To Know About That Confirmed X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Plot Leak
A recent test screening for Dark Phoenix has resulted in the entire plot leaking online and there's going to be an awful lot in this movie which will upset fans. In fact, it may be Fantastc Four bad...

JUSTICE LEAGUE's Ray Fisher And Ezra Miller On The Marvel Characters They'd Like To Play
Don't worry, The Flash and Cyborg aren't actively trying to jump ship to Marvel. The DCEU actors were guests at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend and fielded the question from the audience.

Bad News For Marvel Fans, As Comcast Says It's Ready To Outbid Disney For 21st Century Fox's Assets
We had heard that Comcast might be in a position to outbid Disney for the majority of Fox's assets, and it looks like that day has come. Obviously, this would be a major disappointment for Marvel fans...

New X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Poster Points To A Big Change To The Movie's Title
It seems as if Fox is planning on making a rather significant change to X-Men: Dark Phoenix based on this new poster which has been spotted at the Licensing Show in Las Vegas. Check it out after the jump!

Simon Kinberg Says X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Is A Grounded Film With Extraterrestrial Characters
At the premiere for Deadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix helmer Simon Kinberg stated that Fox's second stab at the Phoenix storyline is more faithful to the comics and less "operatic" than X-Men: Apocalypse.

GAMBIT Expected To Begin Filming At The End Of The Summer According To Producer Simon Kinberg
After years of rumors, it appears as though the Channing Tatum-led Gambit spinoff may finally be ready to roll cameras as the script is ready and a director should be finalized within the next few weeks.

Ryan Reynolds Offers An Interesting X-FORCE Update; Talks About The Impending Disney/Fox Merger
With the Disney/Fox deal looming, many figured films like X-Force would never see the light of day, but Ryan Reynolds has offered an interesting update about the status of the script and when it may shoot.

Disney May Be Willing To Let Go Of Sky In Order To Complete Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox
After getting word that Comcast was willing to submit a cash offer to outbid Disney, it looks like the House of Mouse may be considering letting go of the crown jewel that is Sky to appease Comcast.

Comcast May Ruin All Our X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Dreams With A Cash Bid Upending Fox/Disney Merger
Well, this isn't the best news to start the day with! Comcast is reportedly once again looking to outbid Disney for 21st Century Fox and that could totally upend the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU...

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