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THE NEW MUTANTS Star Maisie Williams Believes That The X-MEN Spin-Off Being Delayed Was For The Best
We were all surprised to learn that Fox had decided to push back the release of The New Mutants by almost a full year, but star Maisie Williams (Wolfsbane) believes that it was actually a smart move...

Don't Worry, The X-MEN Are Still (Probably) Coming Home; Fox President Says Disney Deal Is Happening
Despite some troubling reports that Comcast could outbid Disney and buy 21st Century Fox, the President of the company has now made it clear that the company is definitely looking to partner with Disney.

DEADPOOL Director Tim Miller Will Team With Brian Michael Bendis For Mystery X-MEN Movie 143
21st Century Fox has yet another X-Men spinoff in the works, & although details are pretty much nonexistent right now, we do know there's a pretty damn awesome creative team behind it. More past the jump.

Disney CEO Offers Update On Fox Acquisition Regulatory Process After Reports Of Comcast Swooping In
With reports of Comcast entertaining the idea of submitting a bid for Fox's assets, Disney CEO Bob Iger offers an update on the regulatory process regarding its deal and how long it's expected to take.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Won't Be Bringing Back This Character From X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
X-Men: Dark Phoenix looks set to be a huge instalment in the long-running franchise but director Simon Kinberg clearly wants to narrow his focus because one key character from the last movie won't return.

Kevin Feige Says He Hasn't Even Begun To Think About Introducing The Likes Of The X-MEN Into The MCU
None of us expected Marvel to begin introducing Fox's characters into the MCU straight away, but Kevin Feige now seems to have confirmed that it's not going to happen for at least another couple of years.

EDITORIAL: Fox And Disney Deal Puts X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX In An Awkward Spot
With X-Men: Dark Phoenix coming out this November, it looks like Fox might be setting up a new trilogy of X-Men films. However, Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox might throw a wrench in these plans...

GAMBIT Has Reportedly Been Pulled From Fox's Production Schedule
Gambit recently lost yet another director and while it's thought that Fox is still moving forward with the X-Men spinoff, a new report points to the studio putting the brakes on the project...

Get The Inside Scoop On CHRIS CLAREMONT'S X-MEN With This Exciting New Documentary Trailer
Meet the man behind the mutants! Chris Claremont tells the story of one of the most legendary runs in comic history in the new Uncanny X-Men documentary from XLRator Media. Hit the jump to check it out!

THE DARK KNIGHT Composer Hans Zimmer Returning To Superhero Movies To Score X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX
Composer Hans Zimmer has previously claimed to be retired from scoring superhero movies but it's now been revealed that Fox has enlisted him to provide the score for Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix!

Hugh Jackman And James Mangold React To LOGAN's Groundbreaking Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Nomination
Logan made history yesterday by becoming the first superhero movie to receive a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination. Here's what director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman had to say about that.

LOGAN Becomes The First Super Hero Movie In History To Receive A Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar Nomination
It wasn't a particularly good year for comic book flicks in terms of the major Academy Award categories, but James Mangold's Logan did manage to make history with a nomination for best Adapted Screenplay.

UPDATE: Oscars 2018 Live Stream: Will LOGAN, WONDER WOMAN Or BLADE RUNNER 2049 Pick Up Any Nominations?
In just over a half an hour the 2018 Academy Award nominations will be announced, and even though it's a long shot, CBMers will be hoping to see the likes of Logan and Wonder Woman get some Oscar love...

NEW MUTANTS Still Features The Team In Peril; Josh Boone Reveals Rating And Whether We're Getting Costumes
A new still from New Mutants has been released and it shows the team in some serious trouble! Director Josh Boone, meanwhile, reveals the movie's rating and whether or not the team is going to suit up...

Kevin Feige Has A Very Specific X-MEN Moment He's Hoping To Bring To The Big Screen
In a newly surfaced interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige weighs in on a scene he hoped to bring to the big screen while producing X-Men; the question now is, will we see it in the MCU?

COMICS: The X-MEN's Shadowcat And Colossus Are Getting Married This June
Billed as the "Wedding of the Century" back in November, issue #30 of X-Men: Gold will see Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat and Pyotr Nikolayevich Rasputin aka Colossus tie the knot. What could go wrong?

EDITORIAL: Why The GAMBIT Movie Fell Apart, And What 21st Century Fox Can Do Next
After Gore Verbinski became the third director to leave Gambit, the chances of this movie ever happening got even thinner. Why has this movie been so hard to get off the ground, and what should Fox do now?

Marvel Studios Concept Artist Andy Park Doesn't Expect The X-MEN In The MCU Anytime Soon
If you thought that Kevin Feige has a team of concept artists hard at work on redesigning the looks of the Fantastic Four and X-Men, think again! Hit the jump to hear what Andy Park has to say about that.

Sebastian Stan Says Hugh Jackman Has Been Thinking About Returning As WOLVERINE For The MCU
While Logan was the perfect swan song for Hugh Jackman's legendary run as Wolverine, it sounds like he may be having second thoughts, especially in the wake of Disney's proposed acquisition of Fox.

GAMBIT Has Been Delayed Until Summer 2019 For A Very Unexpected Reason
We learned yesterday evening that Gambit has lost another director and that it's been delayed from Valentine's Day 2019 to the summer. However, it turns out that there's a very surprising reason for that.

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