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GAMBIT Adds MASTERS OF SEX Star Lizzy Caplan In A Lead Role - Is She Playing Bella Donna Or Rogue?
It sounds like casting on 20th Century Fox's upcoming X-Men spinoff Gambit is finally underway (again) as they've just added Primetime Emmy-nominee Lizzy Caplan as the mysterious female lead! Check it out!

GAMBIT: Fox Reportedly Changes The Working Title For The Upcoming X-MEN Spin-Off To 'Forevermore'
Fox has now reportedly changed the name of its upcoming X-Men spin-off film Gambit from "Chess" to "Forevermore" due to the former becoming too well known over the last few years of pre-production...

X-MEN In The SPIDER-MAN Universe? Sony Pictures Now Said To Be In Talks With Fox
Talks between Disney and Fox fell through but now a new report reveals that Sony could be eyeing up buying the company's movie studio, a deal which would bring the X-Men into the same world as Spider-Man.

James Franco To Star As Multiple Man In A New 20th Century Fox X-MEN Spinoff
Following Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool, can Fox catch lightning in a bottle twice with a James Franco-led Multiple Man movie? The project is in development with First Class' Matthew Vaughn set to direct.

GAMBIT Reportedly Hires Jess Gonchor As The Film's Production Designer
Oscar-nominated production designer Jess Gonchor, who has previously worked with Gore Verbinski and Channing Tatum, is reportedly on-board for Fox's long-gestating Gambit movie. More past the jump...

Ellen Page And Jessica Chastain Speak Out Against Former X-MEN Directors Brett Ratner And Bryan Singer
Ellen Page writes powerful post on Facebook detailing inappropriate behavior from Brett Ratner dealt on set of X-Men: The Last Stand. Jessica Chastain shares her thoughts on Bryan Singer on Twitter...

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Actress Ellen Page Joins Netflix's UMBRELLA ACADEMY As The White Violin
Ellen Page (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Juno) is the first cast member to join Netflix's upcoming adaptation of Gerard Way's bizarre Dark Horse comic series as Vanya Hargreeves, a.k.a. The White Violin....

Everything You Need To Know About The Disney/Fox Deal And How It Will Change The MCU Forever
Big changes could be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Disney is in talks with 21st Century Fox for a deal which would bring the Fantastic Four and X-Men into the same world as The Avengers...

DEADPOOL Star Ryan Reynolds Comments On Marvel's Potential Acquisition Of Fox's X-MEN Characters
Earlier, we found out that there's a chance Disney/Marvel could reacquire the rights to 21st Century Fox's Marvel Comics characters, & Ryan Reynolds is wondering what that means for The Merc with a Mouth.

Hugh Jackman Is Finally Going To Don Wolverine's Classic Costume...For Halloween
Hugh Jackman is officially done with the role of Wolverine after starring in Logan but the actor has finally promised to don the character's classic blue and yellow costume (not on the big screen, though).

THE NEW MUTANTS Gets A Couple Of Intriguing New Teasers Which Might Reference Maisie Williams' Wolfsbane
On the heels of the first trailer for The New Mutants, the X-Men spin-off's official Twitter page has shared a couple of intriguing new teasers which may contain references to Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams).

X-23 Creator Craig Kyle Will Work With James Mangold On The Script For The Planned LOGAN Spin-Off
Following yesterday's news that a Logan spin-off focusing /X-23 was officially in the works, we have a very interesting update regarding the character's creator coming on board to work on the script...

GAMBIT: Possible Character Breakdowns Seemingly Confirm Mr. Sinister's Presence
A long list of character breakdowns for the upcoming Gambit movie have surfaced and it appears as if the Marvel movie will be packed full of familiar faces to comic book fans, including Mr. Sinister...

LOGAN Director James Mangold Says A Spin-Off Film For Dafne Keen's X-23 Is In The Scripting Stages
Though it sounds like it's very early days, director James Mangold has confirmed that a Logan spin-off focusing on Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen) is officially in the works at 20th Century Fox. Check it out...

Alexandra Shipp Promises That X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Is Faithful To The Comic Books
X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp talks here about what we should expect from the Simon Kinberg helmed release and promises that fans will be happy with his take on this beloved comic book tale.

DEADPOOL 2 Star Josh Brolin Teases Cable's Introduction And Reveals When X-FORCE Starts Shooting
Josh Brolin sheds some light on Cable's introduction in the upcoming Deadpool sequel and drops some major hints about when exactly X-Force is going to start shooting. Hit the jump for details...

RUMOR: The Skrulls Will Reportedly Make Their Live-Action Debut In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX
Got that pinch of salt ready? A rumor is doing the rounds which claims that Xavier and his mutants will actually be going up against The Skrulls in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Find out more after the jump...

THE NEW MUTANTS: Get Better Acquainted With The 5 Team Members And The Actors That Play Them
The creepy first teaser trailer for Josh Boone's New Mutants movie debuted over the weekend, so we've gathered together details on each of the main characters for those that may not be familiar with them.

The Lead Villain In GAMBIT May Have Been Revealed (And It's Not Who You're Expecting)
There have been rumblings that Mr. Sinister will be Gambit's big bad but a new report points to the upcoming X-Men spinoff actually having a female lead villain. Hit the jump for what we know so far.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Has Officially Wrapped Production; Check Out A New Behind-The-Scenes Image
X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg has officially announced that filming has wrapped on the next installment in the X-franchise by sharing a teasing BTS glimpse of a scene being shot. Take a look.

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