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MARVEL STUDIOS: Predicting Everything That May (Or May Not) Be Announced At Tomorrow Night's Panel
Tomorrow night, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios take center stage in Hall H to unveil the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with tons of new information about their upcoming film and tv slates...

DARK PHOENIX Target-Exclusive Home Video Packaging And Awesome New Poster Revealed
Dark Phoenix was a box office flop, but there are bound to be plenty of fans who want to relive the action when it arrives on Blu-ray. Now, the Target-exclusive home video packaging has been revealed...

Mark Millar Endorses Taron Egerton For WOLVERINE As The Actor Denies "Rumors" He's Being Eyed For The Role
Taron Egerton has been a fan-favourite choice to play Wolverine in the MCU for some time now, and while the actors denies that there's been any official talks, Mark Millar is confident it will happen...

DARK PHOENIX Home Media Release Dates Revealed Along With Special Features And Deleted Scenes
With its run in theaters already winding down, the home media release details for Dark Phoenix have been revealed, and the movie has undergone a minor name change. Find more details after the jump...

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Star Oliva Munn Reveals Just How Little Bryan Singer And Simon Kinberg Know About The Comics
It's no secret that Bryan Singer banned the cast of X-Men from reading comics on the movie's set, but Olivia Munn has now revealed just how clueless he and Simon Kinberg are about the source material...

DARK PHOENIX VFX Spoiler Stills Showcase Jean's Villainous Transformation And More
Dark Phoenix may have been a flop, but it still featured some impressive visuals and these stills focus on Jean's transformation, that train sequence, her origin story, and more. Check them out here...

SDCC '19 Schedule Released; Find Out Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest & Best Panels Right Here
With San Diego Comic-Con just a week away, we've gathered an extensive list of some of the biggest and best panels and trailers that you can expect to see next week at the biggest convention of the year!

DARK PHOENIX Is Expected To Be An Even Bigger Box Office Flop Than 2015's FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot
You might have thought that things couldn't possibly get any worse for Dark Phoenix but it's now been revealed that the movie is on track to be a bigger box office flop than the Fantastic Four reboot!

DARK PHOENIX Concept Art Shows Jean Grey Looking An Awful Lot Like Captain Marvel
We've heard rumblings that one of the reasons Dark Phoenix underwent reshoots was because the finale was too similar to Captain Marvel, and this concept art may very well confirm that. Take a look...

DARK PHOENIX Behind The Scenes Photo Offers A Much Closer Look At Halston Sage As Dazzler
Dark Phoenix got a lot wrong, but most comic book fans did appreciate a long overdue appearance from Dazzler. Now, actress Halston Sage has shared a closer look at her version of the fan-favourite mutant.

DARK PHOENIX Will Lose Over 1600 Theaters This Weekend After Flopping At The Box Office
With Toy Story 4 arriving in theaters today, Disney is clearly cutting its losses with X-Men: Dark Phoenix because the movie will lose upwards of 1600 theaters this weekend. Hit the jump for details...

Newly Surfaced X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Images Show Weapon X Wolverine, The Final Battle, And Amazing BTS Shots
Some never-before-seen photos from X-Men: Apocalypse have been revealed, and while it may not have been the best movie, you'll want to take a look at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in his classic Weapon X gear.

DARK PHOENIX - Never Before Seen Stills And Behind The Scenes Photos Reveal More Deleted Scenes
Some newly surfaced photos from Dark Phoenix have been revealed and as well as offering a behind-the-scenes look at key moments, we also get to see what appear to be even more deleted scenes from the film.

AQUAMAN Star Jason Momoa Would Be Open To Joining The MCU...As The New WOLVERINE!
Justice League star Jason Momoa found great success with Aquaman, but if he could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as anyone, it would be the new Wolverine! Find out more details after the jump...

DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Said No To A BEAST Movie Because He Had Plans For Wolverine
As you've no doubt already heard, longtime X-Men editor John Ottman wanted to helm a Beast movie, but Simon Kinberg put the brakes on that because of his own plans for the franchise. Read on for details...

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Suffers Biggest Ever Second-Week Drop For A Big-Budget Superhero Movie
At this point it kind of feels like we're kicking this movie when it's down, but on top of a disastrous opening weekend, Dark Phoenix has now suffered one of the biggest second-week drop in CBM history...

DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Breaks Silence On Dismal BO Performance: "That's On Me"
20th Century Fox's final X-Men movie has officially bombed at the box office, and Simon Kinberg has now commented for the first time, taking full responsibility for the film's failures. Check it out...

DARK PHOENIX Spoilers - 10 Most Shocking Revelations Since The Movie Was Released
It's been a disastrous week for Dark Phoenix, and since it arrived in theaters, a lot of shocking revelations have come to light about why the movie ended up being so bad. Find the biggest right here...

10 Lessons Marvel Studios Must Learn From Fox's Failings To Make The Ultimate X-MEN Movie
Dark Phoenix has crashed and burned, and it's now up to Marvel Studios to get the X-Men right. Here, we take a look at the lessons they must learn from the many mistakes Fox has made over the years...

DARK PHOENIX Star Tye Sheridan Reveals The Movie's Original Ending...And It Involved The Skrulls!
There's been a lot of speculation about what it would have entailed, but star Tye Sheridan has finally revealed Dark Phoenix's original ending! Find out what was supposed to happen after the jump...

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