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DARK PHOENIX Star Tye Sheridan Reveals Whether Marvel Studios Has Talked To The Cast About Returning
Marvel Studios reportedly won't reboot the X-Men franchise for at least five years but will Kevin Feige bring back any existing cast members? Tye Sheridan reveals whether there have been any talks...

DARK PHOENIX Unleashes Her Destructive Power In This Latest Clip From Fox's Final X-MEN Movie
20th Century Fox has released yet another clip from the Simon Kinberg-helmed Dark Phoenix, and in it we see Magneto attempt to keep Jean Grey hidden from the authorities - until she chooses to say hello...

DARK PHOENIX Clips Feature A Quicksilver Space-Rescue & Jean's First Encounter With A Mysterious Villain
Two new clips from Dark Phoenix are now online. One of 'em sees the X-Men heading into space for a daring rescue mission, while the other spotlights Jean Grey meeting Jessica Chastain's mysterious villain.

DARK PHOENIX: Magneto And Professor X Face-Off In This First Clip From Fox's Final X-MEN Movie
The first clip from Dark Phoenix is online, and it finds Xavier (James McAvoy) attempting to stop Magneto (Michael Fassbender) from killing Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). "There's always a speech, Charles..."

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Box Office Tracking Indicates A Franchise Low Opening Of $50 Million
Early box office estimates for Dark Phoenix are now in, and let's just say it's probably a good thing for 20th Century Fox that this is going to be the studio's final X-Men movie! More past the jump...

DARK PHOENIX - Everything We Learned In The Latest Issue Of Empire Magazine - SPOILERS
The latest issue of Empire Magazine features a piece on Dark Phoenix, & we have intel on Mystique's death, the lack of Lilandra, Queen of the Shi'ar Empire, Jessica Chastain's mystery villain, and more...

DARK PHOENIX: New Stills Released As Simon Kinberg Talks About Making Peace With Marvel Rebooting The X-MEN
A new batch of stills from Dark Phoenix have been revealed, while writer and director Simon Kinberg has finally acknowledged the end of the X-Men franchise as a result of the Disney/Fox merger...

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX - Check Out Some Awesome New IMAX, RealD 3D And Dolby Digital Posters
Today is officially X-Men Day, which means we're getting quite a bit of new content for the final X-movie to be released under the 20th Century Fox banner, Dark Phoenix. Check out a batch of new posters...

DARK PHOENIX Featurette Reflects On The Franchise's Legacy And Teases The Final Chapter
It's X-Men Day (apparently), so the now Disney-owned Fox has released an awesome new featurette reflecting on the legacy of the storied franchise while also teasing what's to come in the final chapter...

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX International TV Spot Introduces The Team With Plenty Of New Footage
A new Chinese TV spot for Dark Phoenix has found its way online, and it gives us a look at quite a bit of previously unseen footage from 20th Century Fox's final X-Men movie. Check it out after the jump...

DARK PHOENIX Gets A Cool Drew Struzan Inspired Poster Featuring Fox's X-MEN
20th Century Fox has released a new poster for Dark Phoenix, and while fans are arguably more excited to see the X-Men arrive in the MCU, the Drew Struzan inspired one-sheet is still pretty damn cool...

NEW MUTANTS Pushed Back To 2020; AVATAR Sequels Delayed; GAMBIT Removed From Schedule
In addition to announcing release dates for its full slate of movies through to 2027, Disney has reshuffled several of its newly acquired 20th Century Fox properties, including Avatar and New Mutants...

DARK PHOENIX TV Spot Features Exciting New Footage From Fox's Final X-MEN Movie
20th Century Fox has debuted another TV spot for Dark Phoenix, and it gives us a look at quite a bit of new footage from the studio's final X-Men movie. Check it out along with a new banner after the jump.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Writers Reveal Which Member Of The X-MEN They Want To Do "With Some Respect" In The MCU
It sounds like we may be as waiting as long as five years to see the X-Men arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the writers of Avengers: Endgame have now revealed which hero they want to tackle...

DARK PHOENIX: Jean Grey Isn't Holding Back Anymore In New Stills & Promotional Photos
With 20th Century Fox joining the Disney empire, Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix will serve as the finale for the studio's blockbuster X-Men franchise, and now, a new batch of photos have been released.

DARK PHOENIX: 10 New Character Posters Promise That Every Hero Has A Dark Side
A new batch of character posters for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has now been released, and as well as putting the spotlight on each of the lead characters, they promise that every hero has a "dark side."

DARK PHOENIX Reshoots Reportedly Changed The Final Act's Setting From Outer Space...To A Train
There's not a lot of excitement surrounding Dark Phoenix and this probably isn't going to help. New details about the movie's reshoots have emerged and these changes to the climax are bound to disappoint.

VIDEO: The AVENGERS, GODZILLA, The X-MEN & More Join Forces For Awesome 2019 Summer Movie Montage
This awesome summer movie montage contains footage from every big blockbuster release coming to theaters over the next few months, and is bound to get you hyped for the season ahead. Check it out...

DARK PHOENIX: Check Out Over 40 Hi-Res Screenshots From The Final Trailer For Fox's Last X-MEN Movie
Dark Phoenix ends a franchise which began almost 20 years ago and following the release of the final trailer earlier today, we're highlighting all the biggest moments with these awesome hi-res screenshots.

DARK PHOENIX Unleashes Her Fury In The New Trailer For Fox's Final X-MEN Movie
Jean Grey actress Sophie Turner promised X-Men fans a surprise today, and, as expected, that turned out to be a brand new trailer for Dark Phoenix. Check out some action-packed new footage after the jump.

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