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NOTE: X-men-movies.com would like to credit Area 51 with this history

Charles Xavier, the mentor and originator of all X-men groups, discovered his telepathic powers at a young age. He recognized himself to be a mutant, one of the first of such. However, it was the teasing and bullying of his step-brother Cain Marko that convinced him that having mutant powers wasn't necessarily a good thing. As he grew up, he encountered other, evil mutants and knew that someday the general public would come to be prejudiced towards all mutants. so Xavier brought it upon himself to create a team... a team to not only stop the evil mutants, but to make his dream of peaceful co-existence with humans possible.

His first team he gathered one by one, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl (A former pupil of his). The five teens constantly thwarted the likes of Magneto, Vanisher, the Sentinals, among others. The Professor had to fake his death for a while, but later returned reveling that the Changling (Morph to you younger folks) had died in his stead. However, times kept getting tough. They kept clashing with other heroes, started getting beaten, and then... THEY WERE CANCELED!

Whatever happened in those years between UXM 96-Giant sized X-Men #1 is the topic of a new mini series in the works, but anyway, the X-Men had gotten captured and it fell upon Xavier to recruit new mutants to rescue the old team, all of who (except Cyclops) left soon thereafter. The "New" X-Men (Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Colossus, Sunfire [who left, too], and Thunderbird [who died like, two issues later]) went on to face new challenges as the roster kept changing, to eventually include Phoenix (an entity emulating Jean Grey, which went mad and committed suicide), then later Kitty Pryde, and occasionally one or two of the original X-Men for a few issues. Some time later, the X-Men were thought dead in space after an attack by the brood. Xavier formed the New Mutants, a new young team to carry on his vision. The X-Men were actually trying to get back to Earth so they could stop a brood egg from hatching within the Professor. Oops, too late...

After they defeated the Brood, Lilandra and Moira MacTaggart cloned Xavier's body and transplanted his mind inside of it. Anyway, not much later, Magneto was put on trial for crimes against humanity, but the world courts decided they had no jurisdiction over him, because he was "the head of state (mutants) that had not signed the Geneva conventions". Lucky bastard. That's when Fenris (Andre and Andrea strucker) attacked Magneto and Prof X (For kicking thier Dad's butt in Isreal 10 years before). Xavier was criticaly wounded, and had to recuperate in space under Lilandra's care. Magneto agreed to lead the X-Men and care for the New Mutants. But that lasted five seconds when Magneto's "evil" persona started poping up, as he joined up with the Hellfire club. All the while, the origional five X-Men set themselves up as government sponsered mutant-hunters, when they were actualy seeking out young mutants to train them in the use of thier powers.

When the Morlocks came under attack, X-Factor and the X-Men tried valiently to save them, but got thier butts whuped. So much so that Angel had to have his wings amputated. His "friend" hodge "volonteered" to do the operation, all while taking Warren's family fortune. Soon Angel fell under the sway of Apocalypse, who mutated him further. And Beast settled on a fine coat of blue fur.

Well, anyway, the X-men apparently died in Dallas, proving to the world that they were heroes. Actualy, Gateway teleported them to Australia, where they set up for a while. But that too, lasted fives seconds. They got kicked out and each went through the Seige Perrilous, a mystical portal which gives people a second chance at life. Storm ended up as a 12 year old and partnered up with Remy LeBaeu (who you all know as Gambit!), Wolverine and Jubilee ended up in Asia, Rouge lost her powers and wound up in the Savage land with Magneto. Longshot and Dazzler just kinda dissapeered (thank god), Psylocke had become an asian ninja, and collossus went MIA. But soon the X-Men recollected themselves at the mansion, only to have it trashed. The X-Men, X-Factor, and X-Force (The New Mutants under Cable's lead) went off to Genoshia to kick some arse... but themselves getting whuped instead. After returning home to lick thier wounds, The X-Men were teleported into the heart of a fierce Shiar/Kree conflict, and had Professor X returned to them. All the while not knowing that Rouge and Magneto were saving the world without thier help. Glory hogs.

The X-Men returned to the mansion and rebuilt it, only to come under attack by the Shadow King. X-Factor came to thier rescue (sort of a returning of the favor when they had been rescued years before). They defeated the Shadow-jerk, and realized could do more as a larger team as oppose to a few splintered teams. Xavier had to return to a wheelchair when he was attacked by anti-mutant students at a rally, but this cool hovering thingie. United as a full team, They realized they could be two sub-teams. Cyclops lead the BLUE team (Wolverine, Jubilee, Psylocke, Beast, Gambit, and Rogue) and the GOLD team lead by Storm (who's members included Colossus, Iceman, Jean Grey, Archangel, and later Bishop) with Banshee and Forge in reserve. It was in these later years that the X-men faced some of thier greatest threats: Magneto (leading a band of followers who believe he's Jesus or something), the Phalanx, Mr.Sinister, Stryfe's Legacy Virus, and more recently, Onslaught (The Professor's evil-side), Bastion and his Prime Sentinals, and Cerebro, thier own mutant-detecting device given life.

Archangel | Banshee | Beast | Bishop | Cable | Cannonball | Colossus | Cyclops | Gambit | Havok | Iceman | Jubilee | Nightcrawler | Pheonix (Jean Grey) | Professor X | Psylocke | Rogue | Shadowcat | Storm | Wolverine | Dr.Reyes, Maggott, Marrow

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